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In the process of interaction between people, we must feel with our heart, replace the accusation with tolerance, and let the unintentional action become a sharp knife that hurts the soul.

The former people believed in physical education, and recognise that without physical punishment, the kids will not be successful. As a result, they smothered the kid’s self-confidence and injured their affection. In the end, this only created “ESTRANGEMENT” between parents and kids.

The current people are asking for rewards and punishments, just like the exchange of interests, only the conditions. Either way, during the journey of a child’s growth, more or less will leave a few inconspicuous scars.

These wounds may be quiet forever in the heart, and some will be detonated at some point. The worst part is that once you live in the shadow of the wound, you will even harm the next generation with the same technique without knowing it.

The child’s initial enlightenment education comes from the family and the school. This process affects future development. The so-called humanistic education means respecting the child as a “person”. The child is not private property, nor is it an article made by an adult. It is a complete individual. Respecting a child is not difficult at all. It depends on whether you use “heart” and small details.

A secondary school teacher who had left the education industry for many years, one day, he received a letter from a former student describing the profound impact of a casual little thing.

At that time, the secondary school where the teacher worked was a mixed school. Therefore, the school paid special attention to the matter of boy-girl relationship and adopted strict methods to prohibit it.

The letter wrote: “When we were met by the teacher on the campus that night, our hearts were jumping up and down, I was so afraid that you would recognize it. At that time, the two of us were walking together, and the most worrying thing was a ruthless light that may cast directly onto our faces. However, you did not turn on the flashlight, instead, you pretended to appreciate the night, let us know that the night is deep, it should be a time for rest. Then, if the light had shone onto my face, it would make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I was so worried, and I would have lost the momentum of learning. I have not forgotten this matter until now. I want to solemnly say to you, my dear teacher: Thank you.

After that, the teacher recalled this past event and said to his friend: “I didn’t notice that there was a big impact on a child when I opened the flashlight that night. I only knew that they were in love. I thought I would have given them a few words. However, I thought I would give it a miss.

Because of this letter, let the teacher deeply appreciate many small details of life, also can cause great influential impact if taken lightly. Therefore, he began to pay attention to his words and actions.

The teacher becomes more respectful to every child, especially the one who has made mistakes. Because he knew that severe reproach would only leave a scar on the young mind and cause permanent harm.

In many experiences, we know that the way of education in the process of studying is a turning point that cannot be ignored. It is believed that many people have stumbled and crept up on this road. Even time has passed, but often it is unforgettable.

Take a deep look at the problem, many of these hurtful incidents can be avoided.

In daily life, in interpersonal relationships, do we also maintain a person’s self-esteem or hurt a soul in unconsciousness?

In the process of interaction between people, we must feel with our heart, replace the accusation with tolerance, and do not let the unintentional action become the sharp blade to other souls.

Just Staying Healthy, That Is True Wealth and True Happiness

Jon Jones

Article written above is mainly understood from the posted “HARMONY & FORGIVENESS – THE WISDOM OF LIFE” from Popular Press Family