MONEY – Many of us will be interested in this word, willing to find out more and discovering better methods of earning more money. However, to give a penny of thought, how many of us really understand the meaning of money to individual one of us.

In our normal daily life, we can use the money to purchase the goods that we need. It is the basic “device” that allows us to satisfy the minimal needs towards achieving financial freedom. In addition, the merrier part of having more granted us to have more and better selections in terms of clothing, cars, housings, places of holidaying and etc. it is such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? When you are ordering foods on the restaurant menu, you can put more attention towards the description of the food content, the value beside the food title does not even bother a wink of your attention.

During the rainy day, you will just grab a cab and there you go, heading towards your destination, while others are rushing towards the nearby bus stop or train station. The value of the food or the transport fare may not trigger much of a thought towards making a simple decision. You can travel to your ideal places of interest to enjoy your holiday, checking in a wonderful five-star hotel. All of these comes with the “power” of money.

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

Philip Green

So…., the question boils down to how much money is considered sufficient? Of course, the more the merrier, with more money, I can do more things, pursuing more and better dreams. Is this really the case? Usually, the power of earning comes with the power of spending. The more we earn, the more sacrifice we made. Often, we need to spare more time on the job, and this has resulted to lesser time for ourself and our family members. Everyone of us is given 24 hours a day, many of us will contribute more of these hours towards working for more money, as more money will contribute to a better life. Hence, has anyone of us learn to partition our daily hours towards a better quality life?

Therefore, the importance is not how much money you earn but how much is sufficient to contribute a better daily life. A person that used the amount of money earn to gauge the type of quality of life has no truth meaning of understanding the quality life. We should rightfully consider how can the amount of money improve our lifestyle, bringing together the harmony and happiness. We are not money-making machine, instead, we are earning money to achieve a lifestyle that congregate happiness and harmony.

We are easily blinded by the cycle of having more money equates to higher position within a company, luxurious house, better car, ……means a better quality life. This cycle of pursuing often blinded us and expense us through the quality of our health, our time and our values. A better health, more time and rightful values – aren’t we pursuing all of these goals through the money we earned? Have we forgotten where we begin or we choose to deny the fact of it?

Instead, we shall use the shortest time to earn sufficient money and not the most money. Money has never been enough if we do not know how to enjoy sufficient quality lifestyle. Yes, sufficient to maintain our daily life, our happiness, and our family unity. Does money guarantee happiness follow? For instance, if you fancy the lifestyle of seaside and you will save the money yearly to travel and spend days or weeks by the seaside, why don’t you find a job which is nearby to the seaside.

All of us need money to maintain our daily well-being and lifestyle, but not a lot money equates happiness and fulfillment. The hunger for more money is because of your inner desire of getting those things that you do not have at this moment.

What is the most expensive bed in the world?
Sick Bed…..
You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you, but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you.

Steve Jobs

Life can be simple and happy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (both mentally and physically), without worries is considered a type of happiness. However, we all know that mental desire is hard to satisfy. Satisfying in a rightful mental way but not posing a stressful burden to own self is always an art of learning and achieving. Spending the limited amount of money that feeds the maximum happiness is a culture for us to ponder and practise. The art of contentment will bring the peacefulness of mind and eliminate the desire for money pursuit.

Article written above is mainly understood from the book “LIFE IS SHORT, THE DAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT” published by Seashore Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd.