We will never know what kind of fate and challenges are in the future; helping people can make you a friend, which is better than one enemy, isn’t it? Kahil Gibran once said that “For bees, the flower is the fountain of life. For flowers, the bees is the messenger of love. And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving is a need and an ecstasy.”

Many times, we can perceive a mutually beneficial relationship in nature. This relationship exists between bees and flowers, between clownfish and lake, and between sharks and sucker fish. They help each other and depend on each other; once either party is missing, this will bring a lot of inconvenience to each other.

There is an adventurer named Shadu Singh who likes to go to various places to take risks. One day, he and his partner planned to challenge the Mount Everest, but on the way they encountered a blizzard and the weather was very bad. They are struggling and moving painstakingly all the way, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and the chances of success seem to be getting slimmer.

Just as the two men struggled through a mountain pass in the Himalayan Mountain, they saw a man lying in the snow and dying.

Singh gestured to the partner and was ready to stop to help the man.

Unexpectedly, his partner said: “If you are taking this burden, we may be on the verge of endangering our lives, don’t be stupid!”

But Singh insisted: “I can’t leave this person here in this freezing weather and let him freeze to death in the snow!”

His partner replied without hesitant: “In this case, you may accompany him on the Road of Death.” His partner only left this sentence and walked on his own.

When Singh’s partner bid farewell to him, he took up the person and continued on. Gradually, Singh’s body temperature warmed the man’s frozen body, in return, the frozen man’s body temperature warmed Singh’s, and the two supported each other, soon they could move side by side.

Unexpectedly, when Singh struggled to catch up with the former partner, he found that his partner had frozen to death on the side of the road because of his severe temperature loss.

The relationship between people is often competing with each other, but there will be times when they help each other. Many times we will find that we are helping each other because of kindness. In the end, we also suffer the same. The care of the other party.

This is a mutually beneficial relationship and the most primitive form of interpersonal relationships. Think about it, if the primitive people who had been drinking blood and did not know how to help each other, how were they to fight against the fierce beasts in the wild? In the old agricultural era, if everyone could not help each other, how should they be sowed and harvested?

In the modern society, many people have forgotten this relationship of “mutual assistance and mutual benefit”. When facing other people, they only think about themselves and only care about themselves. This is almost a kind of “reversing” in terms of civilization and mentality behavior.

Of course, we are not encouraging everyone to be “good people” or “sages”. Even if some people can really “do but ask for no return”, most people will inevitably have selfishness. This is not wrong, but we must understand that many times, extending your hand to others within the scope of your ability will not benefit only the other party. Because we will never know what kind of fate and challenges are in the future, helping people can make you more friends. This is better than one enemy, isn’t it?

Just Staying Healthy, That Is True Wealth and True Happiness

Jon Jones

Article written above is mainly understood from the posted “GOOD MOOD GOOD THING” from Popular Press Family