Pay attention to minor problems, don’t ignore them because it seems “absurd”. Because in many cases small details often contain critical keys/ factors.

We often treat some problems that cannot be explained as “unsolvable” and “supernatural” strange phenomena. However, behind this mentality, it often highlights that ordinary people are perfunctory, and do not bear the mentality of breaking the casserole to seek the genuine truth.

The mood of view determines the environment, while the mood of feeling determines outcome. A successful person tends to maintain a positive, optimistic, good mood, and therefore often gets inspiration from subtle things.

A dissension was received by a high executive official of an outstanding significant vehicle producer:

“This is the second time I have kept in touch with you, and I don’t point the finger at you for not noting me, since I sort of sounded insane, yet we have a convention in our group of ice cream for dessert after dinner every night. Be that as it may, the selections of ice cream varies so consistently, after we’ve eaten, the entire family cast a ballot on which sort of flavor we ought to have and I will drive down to the store to get it.

It’s additionally a reality that I recently have obtained one of your new autos and from that point onwards my excursions to the store have created an issue. Every time I purchase the vanilla ice cream, when I begin over from the store my vehicle won’t begin. On the off chance that I get some other sort of ice cream flavors, the vehicle begins fine and dandy. I need you to know I’m not kidding about this inquiry, regardless of how senseless it sounds: ‘What is there about this vehicle that makes it not able to start when I get vanilla ice cream, and simple to start at whatever point I get some other kind?”

The mood of view determines the environment, while the mood of feeling determines outcome.

The leader of this automobile producer was naturally doubtful about the letter, nonetheless, they sent a engineer to look into it in any case. The engineer was shocked to be welcomed by a fruitful, clearly accomplished man in a fine neighborhood. He had organized to meet the man soon after dinner time, so the two happily get into the vehicle and headed to the dessert store. It was vanilla dessert that night and, beyond any doubt, after they returned to the vehicle, it wouldn’t begin.

As an engineer, being a sensible and logical man, reluctantly declined to trust that this man’s current vehicle was adversely affected by vanilla ice cream. He then masterminded, consequently, to proceed with his visits for whatever length of time that it took to take care of the problem. What’s more, toward this end he started to record all symptoms: he scribbled down a wide range of information, time of day, kind of gas utilized, time to drive to and fro, and so forth.

In a brief time frame, he understood: the man was taking a shorter time frame to purchase vanilla-flavored ice cream than some other flavor. Why? The appropriate response was in the layout of the store.

To pay attention, this is our endless and paper work.

Mary Oliver

Vanilla, being the most prevalent flavor, was in a different case at the front of the store for fast pickup. The various flavors were kept in the back of the store at an alternate counter where it took significantly longer to discover the flavor and get looked at.

Presently the inquiry for the engineer was the reason the vehicle wouldn’t begin when it required lesser time frame. When time turned into the issue – not the vanilla ice cream – the engineer rapidly thought of the appropriate response: vapor bolt. It was occurring each night, yet the additional time taken to get alternate flavors enabled the motor to chill off adequately to begin. At the point when the man got vanilla-flavored ice cream, the motor was still unreasonably hot for the vapor bolt to dissipate.

The “moral” of this story is that purchasing vanilla ice cream and the vehicle neglecting to begin are associated occasions in any case; this story shows that relationship does not mean causation. This regularly is the situation in workplaces.

What is the enlightenment that triggers you from this “General Motors and Vanilla Ice-Cream Love Relationship”? Although the event plot has some twists and turns, it is not only the facts hidden behind the “why”, but also a very scientific “causal relationship.”

In contrast, no matter how seemingly intractable or even absurd puzzles, as long as they are treated with seriousness and explored with scientific spirit, they will eventually get a genuine “truth”.

In the beginning, if the General Motors had considered the letter as a joke or taken it lightly, the mystery will not be surfaced. If the engineer doesn’t know what to do and he’s not getting to the bottom of the truth, the mystery will never been resolved.

From this well-known case, we come to understand one thing: that is, pay attention too to the problem that seems miniature, not because it seems ridiculous and neglected it. This is because many times, in those small little details often contain a critical key point.

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